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Oct 12, 2021

What would you say is one of the most important factors to your success as an entrepreneur? 

Have you ever heard the saying, "Before my body can arrive, my mind must get there?"

At its root, it means, before your can achieve any particular, specific result, your mind must SEE that reality first.

How can you build something if you can't see it first? How do you think that a construction company builds a skyscraper? They start building and hope they can get there?

They not only visualize it, they draw it, diagram, 3D, blueprint, draw out every measurement, every need, requirement, people it takes to get there. What if I told you the same was true with your success? 

The more you can see it in your mind, the more often, with tons and tons of detail, you're much more likely to get there.

For one, you'll have a clear vision of what you're working to and what it takes to get there, but two and more importantly, when things get tough, because I promise you they will get tough, you will have such a clear vision of what needs to happen that you will be able to power through those tough times to get to the vision you see for yourself.

No matter what happens, you need to find the activity that will take you to your dream life and commit to doing the work every day. This is one way you can get your mind clear and GO TO WAR with the fears and the lies that try to hold you back.