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Sep 21, 2021

"It's lonely at the top." We've all heard that before, except it's not true. When you make it to the top, there are usually lots of others there to welcome you and celebrate with you.

So where do people get this belief from? The truth is that it's actually lonely in the middle. The middle is that spot in your life, whether it be your health & fitness, your spirituality or your business, where you are working harder and achieving more than everyone else in your life, but not enough to be considered one of the big boys.

That's the lonely spot. Because your old friends and sometimes even your family don't understand what you're working toward. They don't see your vision, they don't share your goals and dreams. So you don't have your old friends, but you also haven't made it far enough to make a name for yourself. You haven't proven yourself as someone who is serious and successful. You are yet to be adopted into the winner's circle.

How do you make it through the middle without giving up? How can you keep going and get to that promised land? 

We'll cover all that in more in this episode.