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Jul 20, 2021

Are you a talker or a doer?

What happens when something in life hits you and you can’t hit your goals? 

Are you committed more to the feeling that is holding you back from doing the things you need to do? Or are you MORE committed to doing the things you need to do to actually create the business that you desire? 

Here is the bottom line:

WHY are you setting your targets? Are you really committed to your future? If your WHY isn’t strong enough, then when things get difficult or uncomfortable or even seem impossible you will find yourself always being unsuccessful.

If you’re not being the best version of yourself, then everyone around you, all your loved ones, the team that you lead, are getting a watered-down version of yourself. But here’s the worst part, we as humans cannot stay stagnant. Every day we’re either becoming slightly better or we’re becoming slightly worse. That means if you don’t create a pattern of keeping your promises to yourself that you said you would do, regardless of how you feel, then you are creating a pattern of becoming a slightly worse version of yourself every single day. 

When you compound that worse version of yourself over the course of a week, and a month, and even a few years, then you end up derailing yourself and eventually ruining your life and wondered how it could have gotten so bad. 

If you want to start today, then go back to the basics. Stop being your own worst enemy by thinking about what drives you. What is the thing that you desire most of all? Set a small goal that will start putting you on the right path to get there, then COMMIT to that goal! It’s going to drastically change who you are, it’s going to drastically change your life. Commit to yourself because YOU MATTER! 


What is your level of commitment to your personal mission?

What in your life could stop you from committing to your target?

If there is anything on your list, then you haven’t picked a target you truly believe in. 

Write down your true motivating factory, and pick one thing that will start putting you on the path to get there.


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